Fitness Swimming – Emmett Hines


Author of Fitness Swimming – Emmett Hines

                        Coach Emmett his wife Peggy and sons Kalen and Nolan.

Coach Emmett Hines

Emmett Hines is Director and Head Coach of H2Ouston Swims. He has coached competitive Masters swimming in Houston since 1982 was selected as United States Masters Swimmings Coach of the Year in 1993 became a Senior Coach for Total Immersion Swim Camps in 1995 and received the MACA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. He has been coaching adult swimming for over 20 years and is one of only 13 coaches to hold the ASCA Level 5 Masters Certification.

His articles have been featured in Swim Magazine and he writes a monthly column for Runner Triathlete News. He has had over 150 articles published in swimming and triathlon magazines and newsletters. Much of his stuff has been purloined and illegally posted on the Internet. There are even a couple places where his words have been stolen and presented as the work of another and that makes him mad (and his lawyer giddy).

You can purchase an autographed copy of his book Fitness Swimming which is in its third English language printing. It is also available in French (entitled Natation published by Vigot) Spanish (entitled Natacion published by Hispano Europea) and Chinese (entitled Jianshenyouyong).

Coach Hines has repeatedly been a featured speaker at the American Swim Coaches Assn. World Clinic and at the Pacific Swimming Coaches Clinic–two of the largest swim coaching clinics in the world.

In addition to coaching the H2O Masters group he works privately with many clients (some travelling from as far away as Switzerland and Australia) and serves on several USMS committees at the national level.