Swimming Lessons UK

To organise your swimming lessons please contact the relevant swimming instructor:

Private Swimming Lessons with Swim-Easy Private Swimming Lessons with Swim-Easy

Irene will be happy to answer your questions about learning to swim in her private pool and any other questions you may have about swimming.

Improver  swimmers also welcome.   People from all over the UK and abroad learn to swim with Irene at Swim-Easy.

Little Dippers Baby Swimming DVD Baby Swimming DVD

If you have a new baby or are expecting the happy event soon, this inspiration baby swimming DVD will help your baby learn to swim.  Can you afford NOT to teach your baby to swim?

Residential Swimming Lessons Residential Swimming Lessons with Swim-Easy

Working Closely with Irene, Sophie will tailor your residential swimming lessons to suit your individual needs.  Sophie is a firm favourite with everyone that has taken private swimming lessons with her.

Email Irene or Sophie for your swimming lessons in Swim-Easy’s private pool.

Learn to Swim With Us Learn to Swim with Swim-With-Us

Residential swimming lessons in a private pool.  Frightened of putting your face in the water?  Panicking in the deep end?  Gay has all the time in the world to tailor swimming lessons to suit your individual needs.  An ex phobic turned swimming instructor and scuba diver, she understands your fear and frustrations.  Learn to swim with Gay!

Total Immersion Coach Steve at Ergo-Swim Swimming in London and Hertfordshire

Total Immersion trained, Steve is a gentle instructor and has a lot of empathy with the fearful and struggling.  You should understand that Total Immersion Coaching is NOTHING to do with getting you underneath the water and EVERYTHING to do with getting your balance and being comfortable while swimming.