Here are some exercises we really like, to help you improve your flexibility not only for your swimming but your health in general.  A flexible body makes it easier to achieve a streamline in the water but more importantly, means a longer healthier life!

If you are serious about improving your flexibility we’d be happy to recommend suitable yoga books or yoga DVD.

In the meantime try Yoga Movement for lots more information on Yoga and Yoga Swadlincote for local yoga classes.

Please read the advice below and usual cautionary notes before beginning:

Eyes & Neck


Ankles 1

Ankles 2

Ankles 3

Hips & Knees

Hip Swing

Hips and Torso

Leg Raise 1

Leg Raise 2

Leg Raise 3







Advice Advice and cautionary notes.

The decision to practice any of the exercises on this page is yours and yours alone.  Swim With Us cannot know your state of health and existing or potential problems.  If you have any doubts at all about these exercises, particularly in relation to back or neck, consult your doctor first!

Always start your workout slowly and feel your bodies tight areas, focus on the tightness and consciously relax the muscles. Soften the tightness with the aid of deep breathing, do not force the stretch before the muscle is ready. Concentrate on your breathing instead, lengthen your exhalations when you feel your muscles tightening. You should allow the muscles to relax into the poses very gradually. Be very alert to the overall condition of your body, do not hurry past its natural limitations in an attempt to do the poses correctly.

Identify the amount of time you have to spend each day.  It would be more beneficial to do an exercise 3 times a day for 3 minutes rather than once for 10 minutes.

If you have very limited time, select the most appropriate exercise for one day, and another for the next day.

Keep a record.  Plan the week ahead then look back before planning the next week.

Allow you body to gradually do a little more as time passes.  NEVER force the pace.

Above all RELAX!.