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Private Swimming Lessons with Swim-Easy

Irene at Swim-Easy

Irene at Swim-Easy

Private Swimming Lessons with Swim-Easy

The way Irene handles her swimming lessons is a far cry from learning to swim with traditional swimming instructors.  You won’t see Irene standing at the side of the pool barking instructions at you.  She’ll be in the pool with you, supporting you every step of the way.  With a superb private pool, private swimming lessons with Irene are a real luxury.


Residential Swimming Lessons

Sophie at Swim-Easy

Total Immersion DVD

Enjoy weekend residential lessons with Sophie.  Sophie joined Swim-easy last year.  Irene was very impressed with Sophie’s empathic way of teaching nervous swimmers.  She has been personally retrained by Irene using ‘learn-to-swim’ methods unique to Swim-Easy and Swim-with-us.  Those who have booked residential swimming lessons with Sophie  have been very impressed with their progress.

Swimming Workouts


Swimming Lessons with Gay

Gay at Swim-With-Us


With lessons from half an hour to full weekly residential swimming courses, Swim-With-Us offers unique opportunities for you to learn to swim or improve your swimming technique.  It may be that you simply never learned to breathe properly with your swimming, or you are just so panic stricken at the thought of being in or under the water – maybe you just sink after a few strokes or perhaps do well enough but want to improve your swimming.  Whatever your swimming needs, you won’t regret taking private swimming lessons from Swim-With-Us

Little Dippers Baby Swimming DVD

Little Dippers – Teach you Baby to Swim

Do you wonder when to teach you baby to swim?

Do you worry about how your baby should learn?

The answers are in this superb BBC inspired Baby Swimming DVD

Total Immersion Coach Steve at Ergo-Swim

Steve at ErgoSwim

If you are in the London area and want to learn to swim, Steve is an excellent instructor.

Although he doesn’t have a private pool, he has arrangements at several swimming pools and can teach in London and Hertfordshire to suit your swimming needs.

He is also trained as a Total Immersion Coach and is excellent with competitive swimmers.

So do contact Steve for Swimming in London and Hertfordshire.

Swimming Classes

If you have reached this spot looking for swimming classes, you probably realise by now that good swimming classes are very hard to find.  Please read more about what we have to say on this site about swimming classes at your local pool.  We hope you will find that it makes good sense to book an adult swimming class on a residential basis where you can have one to one private swimming lessons instead of trying to learn in a class.

If you have reached us looking for information on swimming then you might like to try our swimming glossary.  We have also started a section for swimming articles that swimmers and would-be swimmer might find of interest.  You may also like to visist our Swim Shop for books and dvd.

Private Swimming

All our swimming lessons are in our private pool. 

Just you & your swimming instructor.


Residential Swims

Private self-catering, next to our private swimming pool - no sharing - just concentrate on your swimming lessons not travelling back and forth to the pool.


Swim Instructors

Your swimming instructor is there for you and no-one else.

During your course you will have their undivided attention and plenty of time to ask questions about your lessons and swimming progress.


Teaching the Phobic

Both Irene and Gay are ex water phobics who learned to swim late in life going on to qualify as swim instructors and specialising in water phobias.


Struggling to Swim?

Swimming lessons for those who have struggled to learn to swim for years are another of our specialities.  Let us teach you simple techniques that seem to evade traditional swimming teachers.

Adult Swimming Lessons


Problems Breathing?

Have you taken swimming lessons but never learned to breathe properly?  Let us show you how.


Lessons - Improvers

If  you can swim but have never taken swimming lessons or traditional lessons have never helped you improve your technique, we can help.